Our Staff

Stacy Flaherty, President and CEO

Stacy is in charge of anything and everything here at NVW, from scheduling courses and hiring staff to developing NVW’s presence in new geographical areas. Having steered the company for over twenty years, she loves the surprises and challenges that come with owning her own business. And she loves the chance to travel to new places as New Ventures West grows around the world.

Anna Syrett, Registrar

With her exceptional efficiency and friendly, unflappable manner, Anna makes the demanding job of registrar look like a breeze. She’s used to a full plate: before she came on board she was busy finishing school at Notre Dame de Namur (graduating Summa Cum Laude, thank you very much) and planning her wedding. Anna has a background in journalism and is an avid international traveler. She is a bay area native and currently lives in Palo Alto with her new husband Michael and their dog Teddy.

Adam Klein, Graduate Development Director

Adam graduated from the Professional Coaching Course in 2012. Prior to joining our staff he worked to fight global slavery and helped establish the most recent incarnation of the spiritual formation center,  ReImagine. He's also an avid endurance athlete, having completed several ironmans and ultra-marathons. And if that's not enough, he's also a published poet. Originally from San Jose, he now lives in San Francisco with his wife Robyn and their little girl Genesis.

Joy Mazzola, Director of Undergraduate Development
Joy graduated from the Professional Coaching Course in 2010, after which she found it hard to stay away. She crept back in as a pod mentor for the PCC, moved to filling in as classroom hostess, and now works to bring Integral Coaching into the wider world. Originally from Boston, she now lives in Berkeley, CA. Her regular Aikido practice keeps her physically fit, spiritually growing, and generally sane.

Michael Cabanlit, Production Supervisor

Michael is the events wizard here at the office, booking all our events worldwide while keeping things running smoothly at our two facilities in San Francisco.  He's adept at working across multiple time zones, setting up events and/or tracking lost packages, be it in Cape Town, London or Singapore. He's also an avid musical theater actor and occasionally takes on starring roles in his "spare" time!

Florian Tan, Logistics Assistant

Florian works the behind-the-scenes magic that keeps the Lauren Coaching Center feeling peaceful, spacious and bountiful. And that’s just one impressive skill of many: Florian is a 3rd-degree black belt in Aikido and a practitioner of the Russian martial art Systema. He graduated from the PCC in 2011 and has his own coaching business, RenSomatics. Originally from the Netherlands, Florian currently lives in Oakland with his girlfriend Amy.

Vegar Svanemyr, Consultant on Special Projects
Vegar comes to us from Norway via Salt Lake City. His varied experience includes building roofs and websites, hitchhiking around Europe, losing his passport in Bangkok, working with young children, creating print ads, and producing live, large-scale audio/video events. The last few years he's been studying zen in Salt Lake City. He completed the Professional Coaching Course in 2013 and lives in San Francisco with his daughter Isa and dog Ponyo.



What our grads are saying:
"The training has dramatically improved not only my relationships with staff and patients, but more importantly, provided me with a new level of life awareness and opportunity. And by the way, business is better."

Alan Goldstein, President
Academy of Laser Surgery