How to Apply

The prerequisite for applying

Before you take the certification program, you must complete a prerequisite.  The most common way to fulfill the prerequisite is the two-day Coaching to Excellence (CTE) class that is available in several locations. It provides an important grounding in the foundations of Integral Coaching. Also, it gives you an opportunity to get to know us and gives us an opportunity to know you.

Alternatively, coaches who have some experience already may choose the three-day Integral Coaching Principles (ICP) class, which also satisfies the prerequisite for the PCC.

We will ask your CTE or ICP instructor to endorse your application. You may apply for the PCC before completing the prerequisite, and this will provisionally hold a space in the class you choose; but we'll wait until after you complete the prerequisite to process your application.


To Apply

In order to hold a space for you in the class, we require that you give us a completed application including essays, a photograph, and a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit. You can send the application by email, mail or fax; you can pay your deposit online, mail a check, or send by wire. We will return your deposit promptly if your application is not accepted. Before you apply, please review our cancellation policies, which take effect with the submission of your deposit.

For classes in Canada, South Africa, and the U.K., please apply with our international partners.

For the U.S. and Singapore, follow these steps:

1.  Download and fill out the first page of the application.

2.  Answer the essay questions in a Word document. 
(Why do you ask for essays?)

3.  Mail, email or fax the application and essays.

4.  Email a JPEG photo of yourself. 
(What kind of picture?)

5.  Pay deposit and choose the payment plan for U.S.
or Singapore.

How we respond to applications

The Professional Coaching Course leader reviews and accepts applications on a first-come, first-served basis. We select applicants whom we feel have the greatest chance of success in the program and whom we consider likely to contribute to a developmental community. You will receive a response to your application within 10 days, often sooner. 

When to submit your application

Sometimes the PCC can fill to capacity (20 students) months in advance. It is difficult to predict when any given course will fill. Therefore, we recommend that you apply as soon as you are sure that you want to take the program and are free for the dates of the class. You will have the best chance of admission into the group you want by submitting your application early.

Why we have you submit essays

Our intent in asking these questions is two-fold:
  • To gain a better understanding of who you are (or, more accurately, your perspective of who you are) and your interest in participating in a rigorous program that involves, among other things, attention to your own personal development.
  • To invite you to begin the process of making assessments of your own competence in multiple streams of development.

The kind of photograph we are looking for

We ask for a digital headshot in JPEG format. It isn't important that this photograph be a professional photo or the best one ever taken of you. What matters is that (a) it looks like you and (b) we can clearly see your face.

The only people who see your photograph are the course leaders and our staff. We use it to connect your face to your name, particularly when speaking with you by telephone.
What our grads are saying:
"The training has dramatically improved not only my relationships with staff and patients, but more importantly, provided me with a new level of life awareness and opportunity. And by the way, business is better."

Alan Goldstein, President
Academy of Laser Surgery