Sarita Chawla
Sarita Chawla, MCC, is a senior New Ventures West faculty member who has been involved with NVW since its first San Francisco coach training class in 1987. Sarita designs and leads a fresh Master Class each year for the graduates of New Ventures West. She has comprehensive experience in Integral Coaching, leadership development, facilitation, women’s circles and dialogue.

Devoted to individual and collective development, Sarita has dedicated her life to the questions of what is a human being and what does it take to create the conditions for unfoldment.

Sarita has a Masters degree in Anthropology from Delhi University and is a founding member of the Demeter Matrix Alliance.  She has served as a founding Council Member of the Society of Organizational Learning. She spent over two decades working in the corporate world, in both line and staff organizations. She has also held a key role in initiating, participating and designing various dialogues both within the US and internationally.

She is the co-editor of Productivity Press’ best-selling 1995 anthology, Learning Organizations: Creating Cultures for Tomorrow’s Workplace. She has co-authored Emergence of Wise Women: A Learning Chronicle. She is also the executive co-producer of the documentary video project BeComing: Women’s Circles, Women’s Lives, generously funded in part by Fetzer Institute and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Sarita has been a student of the Diamond Approach, a spiritual path dedicated to the cultivation of truth since 2001. She is completing the seven-year teacher training for this work next year.

She lives in Northern California, continuing her work, exploring her own spiritual development and spending more time living in the questions of life, rather than seeking answers. She enjoys hiking and traveling, reading, yoga, engaging in conversations that matter and enjoying the wonders of nature.